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About Us


Capel Riders Inc. is a Capel-based not-for-profit motorcycle social club in the South West of Western Australia, it is a Social Club for all motorcycle riders, not just in the Capel area but from all over the South West.

All road-legal bikes are welcome on our rides.

We try not to draw unwanted attention to ourselves, we’re a friendly bunch from all walks of life & always welcome new people along.

We are just a bunch of guys & gals of all ages that have the same passion for riding. We regularly go on fundraising rides, raising money for lots of different charities. Since the club first started we have raised thousands of dollars for a number of different charities. We also welcome like minded Motorcycle Social Clubs to join us on rides.

We ride in a 'relaxed' style, cruising around the speed limit.

In March 2020 Roger Harrison (Doddz) - Club Founder & Current Club President - started Capel Riders to find a few like-minded people to go for rides with, when the group first started Capel Riders were averaging 5 to 10 bikes on each ride, now a weekday ride usually attracts 25+ bikes while a weekend ride can attract 60+ bikes and with over 800 people on our Facebook page, the group keeps getting bigger!


In January 2022 Capel Riders became incorporated (with great help from Club Secretary Tony Sommerville) and a committee was formed - Roger Harrison as Club President, Ryan Massey as Vice President, Tony Sommervillie as Secretary, Helen Shiosaki as Treasurer & Original Member Jithu John Stephen, to help with the organisation of events & the club, as it was becoming too much for one person,

Capel Riders then became known as Capel Riders Inc which was a great step forward for the club. 

Since then, for a mix of different reasons the Committee has had a reshuffle, the current committee members are:

Roger Harison - President

Tony Sommerville - Vice President

Clive Gregory - Secretary 

Deb Massey - Treasurer 

Andy De Blank - Ordinary Member 

Shane Seers - Ordinary Member

We have been on many group rides which include day trips, overnighters, week getaways, and we often catch up for a yarn and a drink even when we are not riding.

We ride a mix of different bikes, mostly cruisers, but any road legal motorcycles are welcome! - it's not about what you ride, it's that you ride!

We understand that everyone has their own riding pace, on the way to a location we will cruise along as a group around the speed limit - on the way home some people might want to leave the group ride early so they can twist the throttle a little harder and that's fine as well - the group 'leader' will always just be cruising along around the speed limit.

If you're looking for a friendly, great group of motorcycle enthusiasts that meet on a regular basis then feel free to come along to one of our get-togethers!

If you'd like to take it a step further and become a member of Capel Riders more information can be found here.

For a list of upcoming rides & events click here.


No trouble makers - read our 'Rules' before joining us.

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