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Capel Riders Group Riding Protocol v1.0

Your safety and the safety of everyone in the group must be your first priority.When riding in a group, you automatically forfeit some personal autonomy for the good of the group.

1. Every rider should ride to his or her own capabilities, the prevailing conditions and the road rules.

2. Start the ride with a full tank of petrol. Assemble at least 15 minutes before the departure time for the ride briefing.

3. If you’re a new member make yourself known to the Ride Leader before the start of the ride. You can ask the Ride Leader to assign you a ‘ride buddy’ if you want one. Your ride buddy will stick with you and make sure you find your way.

4. Group rides will include a Tail End Charlie (TEC). The TEC rides last in the group and stops to help anyone who needs assistance. The Ride Leader should make sure everyone knows who the TEC is.

5. If the pace is too quick for you, back off until you feel comfortable. If you prefer a leisurely pace, you should allow other riders, including the Tail End Charlie, to pass you. You can catch up with the rest of the group at the next stop. If you fall into this category, tell the Ride Leader and the TEC at the ride briefing, and make sure you know where the planned stops are and how to get there.

6. If the pace is too slow for you, you can overtake, but ONLY when it is safe for all concerned. NEVER overtake on a bend, NEVER overtake across double lines, NEVER overtake within the same lane, and ALWAYS use your indicators.

7. Overtaking the ride leader is not encouraged. If you pass the Ride Leader however, you have effectively left the ride and you’re on your own!

8. Stay alert and maintain a safe distance from the bike in front of you, at least a two second interval between riders. Too many accidents occur when someone stopped paying attention for a split second and ran into the bike in front of them.

9. As soon as you see the rider in front of you turn on his indicators, turn yours on as well, giving the riders behind you as much notice as possible.

10. If you see something that could be a hazard – a stick, a pothole, a dead animal, a live animal, whatever – point to it clearly with your hand or boot so the rider behind you is aware of it. Do this only if it is safe to take your hand off the handlebars temporarily.

11. On multilane roads the group should try to be in the same lane as the leader. But don’t compromise safety to get there.

12. The universal signal for “I’m in trouble” is thumbs-down. If you have to stop and need assistance, make sure you stop in a safe place and signal clearly thumbs-down to the riders behind you. If you’re decide to stop and don’t need assistance, signal clearly thumbs- up as the group passes. If you see a rider pulling over giving the thumbs-down signal, pull over as soon as it is safe to do so.

13. Riders wishing to deviate or quit the ride midway must notify the Ride Leader or Tail End Charlie before leaving.

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