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Capel Riders Inc. Rules..

Be nice, it’s not hard..

We’re a friendly bunch and we always welcome new people from all walks of life.. a bit of banter is ok but no bullying / being a smart arse for no reason - no racist comments.

If something happens..

If something happens on a ride we will try and help you the best way we can, but it’s up to you & if required your own insurance to sort out any issues.


We’re a friendly bunch with a good reputation and we’d like to keep it that way, no troublemakers.

Please be in good behaviour on our rides or on any overnighters we do.

On our rides to save confusion & for safety..

Unless otherwise discussed by the ride leader - Do not overtake the ride leader - We have had an incident in the past where someone overtook the leader, that person then turned off and half the group followed even though it wasn’t the direction of the ride - do not overtake dangerously / needlessly when riding in the group. On large group rides when possible we will have a ‘tail-end Charle’ but as always ALL RIDERS RIDE AT THEIR OWN RISK - on some rides, when it’s not possible, we may not have a tail-end Charle.


We are a relaxed bunch..

We are a very 'relaxed bunch' and we usually ride along around the speed limit - we welcome bikes of all makes and models so long as the bike and rider is road legal. If you are the kind of rider that enjoys going flat our every where, pushing your bike to its limits, then unfortunately this group is not for you.

Sometimes on our return trip people choose to leave the group ride early and take off ahead of us, if you'd like to do this that is fine but please do so before the rest of the group leaves to avoid any confusion.

If you don't understand any of the rules or the group protocol v1.0, feel free to ask questions on our Facebook group. Alternatively you can email

If you do not agree with the rules or group protocol v1.0, please do not join us on rides, there are plenty more groups out there.

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