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So you are wondering, why do I have to contribute a small fee to join the Capel Riders on a club ride?
Capel Riders Inc. is a registered not for profit social club, and like all social clubs, we have outgoing costs.
We have people that have paid to become a member of the social club who we prioritise, offering them discounts and member only events, their membership fee helps greatly with any outgoing costs our club might have but like every club, if we didn't have a little income from other events we would not survive as a social club. 
There is also a lot that goes into planning a large group ride and a lot of things going on behind the scenes.

Most of the time non-members are asked to chip in just $5, which is paid cash on the day of a ride - the price of a cup of coffee! For Larger events & overnighters we may ask for a little bit more, but this is advertised with the event on our Facebook page.
100% of any money that the club receives from a normal club ride, ether on the day of a ride or from someone becoming a member goes into our club bank account, NONE of this money goes into anyone's pocket from the club, it is ALL used to benefit the club & the Capel Riders Social Club Members & to pay for any outgoing costs we may have.
We also have Charity Rides - on a charity ride 100% of any money collected will be donated to the charity that we are riding for.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact us on Facebook or via email at


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