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FAQ Regarding Capel Riders Social club Membership

Q: Do I need to become a member?

A: No, if you’re happy staying in the group as a non-member that’s fine & you’ll still be able to join us on most rides - By joining us on any ride or event you agree to the Capel Riders Club Protocol v1.0

Q: Will being on the Capel Riders Facebook page automatically make me a member?

A: No, membership will not be done through Facebook

Q: If I become a member, will I need to attend meetings?

A: No you will not be required to attend meetings if you don’t want to - after all, it’s all about the ride & catching up with a great group at the end of the day

Q: How do I become a member of the Capel Riders SC?

A: You’ll need to be known by the club and be nominated by one member who is already in the club. You’ll need to have joined us on at least two rides before being nominated, most of you have already been on more than two rides with us

You’ll then fill in an application form, that form will be submitted to the committee who will then vote on if the application will be accepted or not.

Q: What are the benefits of being a member?

A: You’ll get advanced notice about overnighters so you get priority when it comes to booking accommodation.

You won’t pay to join us on day rides that are organised by Capel Riders, although donations will still be welcome on any charity rides that we do - non-members will be asked to contribute a small amount to the club per ride. 

Any ride that we do which has a large cost, for instance, if we have a band on an overnighter, then Social Club members will be asked to pay a small cover charge, but this will be less than non-members.

You’ll get discounts at a few select local businesses - so far South West Motorcycle Movers & South West Yamaha are on board to give CR SC members discounts, We’ll look into a few more places as time goes on..

We’ll have ‘member only’ meetings & catch-ups.

Q: Is there a cost to be a member?

A: Once accepted by the committee there will be a $40/yr fee (which may change slightly each year), if you stop payment after a year your membership will expire. 

If you have any more questions feel free to email

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