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Up to date Ride & Event Information can be found on our Facebook Page

Some events require registration as we may need confirmed numbers for catering purposes or other reasons.
If you don't see the event listed below then registration is not required.
By registering for a ride / event you agree to the Capel Riders Disclaimer, Rules & Group Protocol v1.0 which can be found here

Select the event you would like to register for below...

There  is currently no ride that requires registration through our website. Please see our Facebook page for more events / rides - We usually post club rides on our Facebook page once every two weeks.

*** Disclaimer: All riders agree to the Capel Riders Club Protocol v1.0.

All riders are participating at THEIR OWN RISK in ANY Capel Riders event, and are encouraged to ensure their motorcycles and riding gear are in legal, safe and functioning condition. 


All riders are encouraged to have their own insurance - Capel Riders and the organisers take NO RESPONSIBILITY for damage, accident, injury / death or property loss and are excluded from liability associated from organised events as all riders and participants understand that they are joining the event at their own risk!  


Unsafe and antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated, all road, licensing rules and laws are expected to be adhered to.


As always, all riders ride at their own risk - Have fun, but keep safe and look out for your fellow riders. ***

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