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Thank you for answering the questions - you can apply to be an associate member - The application form is below.

To become an associate member you must..
- Have participated in at least two club organised rides & expressed interest in becoming a member with the committee.
- Have read and agree to support the object of Capel Riders  (on the membership form)
- Have read, understood and agree to abide by the
Group Riding Protocol v1.0 when participating in Capel Riders organised group rides.
- Fill in an application form which will then be nominated by a club member, the application form will then go to the committee who will then vote on if you will be accepted.
- Understand that you are required to pay an annual $20 membership fee (may change in the new year) on the committee's acceptance of the membership application. If you do not pay your membership fee your membership will simply expire.
If you have any questions please contact Capel Riders Inc. ether via Facebook, email, by using the contact form on this page or check the  
F&Q Page. 

Advantages of becoming a member..
- You will not have to pay to join us on day rides that are organised by Capel Riders, non-members will be required to pay a contribution to join us on rides. Donations will still be welcome on any charity rides that we do. Any ride that we do which has a large cost, for instance, if we have a band on an overnighter, then Social Club members will be asked to pay a small cover charge, but this will be less than non-members.
- You will get advanced notice on any overnighters that we do so you can book accommodation options first.
- You will get discounts at participating businesses.
Found Here
- We will have 'member only' catch-ups, rides & meetings.
- If you want to become more involved in the club you will need to be a member.
- You will have access to our Members Only Facebook Group
- You will be able to purchase club merchandise.



Associate Membership Application 

Capel Riders is a social motorcycle club established with the objects of:
a) providing its member with organised motorcycle rides, overnight trips and longer-term rides.
b) encouraging membership and participation from all genders and ages.
c) welcoming all types of road legal motorcycles.
d) co-operating with similar clubs in fostering social motorcycle riding.
e) organising and conducting social functions and entertainment to encourage good fellowship among its members.
f) supporting various charitable organisations by the donation of surplus funds raised.
g) not supporting any form of criminal activity or illegal act that contravenes Commonwealth or State Law.
h) undertaking and do all such things or activities which are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of these Objects

Applications for Membership must be proposed by a current
Capel Riders Inc member - Which Member is supporting your application? This can be anyone that you know in the club.

By Clicking the 'Apply Now' button, I affirm:
• I have participated in at least two club organised rides
• I have read and agree to support the objects of Capel Riders Inc.
• I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Group Riding Protocol v1.0 when participating in Capel Riders Inc organised group rides.
•My agreement to pay my annual $20 membership fee on the committees acceptance of my membership application.

You will have one month to pay your membership fee after you have been accepted, if you do not pay within one month your application will be deleted.
You should receive an email regarding payment after our monthly committee meeting, which is held the first week of every month.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch. Applications are reviewed once a month at our committee meetings. Sometimes applications can take almost two months to be processed so please bare with us.

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